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Scott parted company with Springsteen in late 2017 to be available for new projects and artists. He has been involved in projects near his home in Montana as well as mixing at his studio for artists nationally. His schedule is currently managed by Tony Drootin of Sound On Sound Studios, Montclair NJ. [3]Toy Story (1995)
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Making the split from Clover shortly after mixing the Springsteen album The River, he kept busy as a mixer and recording engineer on projects in Los Angeles and New York, also working at live concerts. After mixing records produced by Springsteen and Steve Van Zandt, he was asked to start recording work on what would become Born in the U. S. A. in New York City. That project lasted two years, and during that time, he became a resident of New York City. Continuing independent projects in New York and Los Angeles, he also recorded many live Springsteen shows on tour. Commencing with the Tunnel of Love album, he has worked almost exclusively with Springsteen. That was the first of several albums done by Springsteen and Scott "at home. " These were done in project recording studios setup in both Los Angeles and New Jersey, operated by Scott. During the travels between coasts, he established a home base in Montana, commuting to the East Coast to work with Springsteen regularly. This association continued with his role evolving to include “Production Supervisor” on albums Springsteen used an alternate engineer. In addition, Scott continued directing the archiving of Springsteen’s extensive audio and video catalog and mixing concerts for release as “The Archive Concert Series” for download from the Springsteen website.