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Sushma Veerappa ’s When Shankar Nag Comes Asking places Nag’s iconic status at the intersection of sweeping—and potentially upsetting—changes in southern India’s maximum city. Over just 67 minutes, Veerappa packs in questions on Bangalore’s encounters with globalization, the reasons for Nag’s appeal, and an upsurge in nativist politics in the metropolis.Sushma Veerappa’s documentary ‘When Shankar Nag Comes Asking’ examines the Kannada star’s enduring popularity in a fast-changing city

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Shankar did not limit his efforts to cinema. He was equally immersed in theatre and television. Malgudi Days is the best example of Shankar's oeuvre on television. Prior to globalisation, Doordarshan was the only broadcaster in India. In addition to programme production, Doordarshan used to invite private producers to produce television serials. Shankar accepted the offer and directed Malgudi Days, based on the collection of short stories by R. K. Narayan in 1987, under the banner of Padam Rag Films. Well known actors Vishnuvardhan and Anant Nag appeared in the serial. Master Manjunath, who played the role of impish Swami, became a household name. The music, accompanied by the nasal twang "Tananaa tana na naa" on YouTube was composed by L. Vaidyanathan. The teleserial was shot in Agumbe, Shimoga district, Karnataka. Shankar went to direct another teleserial, titled Swami in the same year. Malgudi Days has been rated as one of the finest serials ever to be made in the history of Indian television.

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