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Wiki info

Regan was cast as a lead for the proposed television series The Frontier in 2012. In 2013, she began a recurring role in the fifth season of the USA Network crime drama White Collar as Rebecca Lowe/Rachel Turner, a brief love interest of Neal Caffrey. That same year, she joined the series Beauty & the Beast for a multi-episode arc as Alex, the ex-fiancée of Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan). Because the existence of Regan's character created a love triangle including Vincent and Catherine Chandler (Kristin Kreuk), this resulted in "rabid" hatred for Alex, and unpleasant Twitter messages for Regan, from fans who would rather Vincent be with Catherine. Regan stated, "I can't look at Twitter anymore! . . . I understand why people don't like Alex, I suppose, but I can't really look anymore. " In 2014, Regan was cast in a recurring role in Jane the Virgin, as Rose, a former lawyer, later criminal mastermind, who is involved in a complicated same-sex love affair. Also in 2014, she had a small role in John Wick, as Addy.

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