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The serious challenge was (when Peter Andre took over they changed format) to redecorate and makeover a number of rooms in a house in 60 minutes. The house owner is usually nominated by a relative or friend for a secret visit by the 60 Minute Makeover team who remodel their house whilst they are away. The team has the task of completing the total renovation of run-down and tired rooms before the house owner returns home. The house owner approaches their house in a taxi/car to be greeted by a crowd of supporters prior to the big reveal. They are given a tour of their remodelled rooms by the host who invites them to react to the changes. At the end of the reveal, the expert's identity is also revealed with an emotional response from the participants. The cost of the makeover is stated at the end of each show which obviously excludes the labour fees. The house owner earning the makeover is often in need of help due to illness or difficult times which adds to their emotional reaction to the completed makeover. Throughout the makeover, the presenter keeps time with a stopwatch and marks breaks in the task with a loud whistle. Halfway through the task, the team take a well-earned tea break which gives the designer an opportunity to assess the progress of the makeover. The team return to work once the host starts the stopwatch again.

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